A New Era of Apps (What Apple Didn't Say)

Apple's 2018 announcement was the BEST announcement from Apple since Steve unveiled the iPhone (and iPad).


Not only did it make me feel human and LAUGH, but it unveiled what Apple has been hard at work on for the past few years.

The innovations that were unveiled are going to change the future of computing.

Watch the FULL Apple keynote

If you're short on time, you can watch the FAST summary:

Watch the 2-minute Apple Keynote summary (the ending is 😂)


AND if you just want to SMILE, LAUGH, and enjoy some AMAZING cinematography, watch these quick videos:

BUT most importantly, we're now in a new age of smart devices with iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone Xr.

Why I loved the Apple Keynote

Apple CARES about people, and they design both the hardware and the software that demonstrates their commitment.

No other company makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Every other company focuses on specs, features, and tons of gimmicks.

Apple doesn't.

My favorite features unveiled might not get tons of press, but they're big.

10 Highlights

  1. Fall Detection in Apple Watch
    1. My Dad just fell on his morning run after stepping on a walnut . . . Having something like this is crucial for the aging population.
    2. My Grandma is constantly falling too, so this is BIG, and while it's not for her (she's 94 and in a Dementia nursing wing), there are others like her who will use it.
  2. Electrocardiogram (ECG)
    1. I remember hooking myself up with electrical cables in 9th-grade biology class … now I can get all of that with a watch. Incredible.
    2. Heart health is a significant issue, and this will give people more insight and hopefully they'll take action (prevention is going to become BIG soon).
    3. My father-in-law died a few years ago from a heart attack, and that's one of the reasons why I've made a commitment to health. I lost 50 pounds, and I run nearly every day. (I'm happy to share my strategy, just comment below or find me on Twitter: @PaulSolt or Instagram: @PaulSolt)
  3. Heart Rate Notifications
    1. Get notified when there's an irregular or abnormal behavior with your heart.
    2. Get help before it's too late.
  4. Loud Apple Watch Speaker
    1. The original Apple Watch speaker is super underpowered, this will make phone calls and Walkie Talkie WAY more practical.
  5. iPhone Xs is even more water resistant (IP68)
    1. 2 meters for 30 minutes is awesome!
    2. Apple tested it humorously against chlorinated water, orange juice, wine, and beer. (Watch the 4 minute summary to see it in action)
  6. 120Hz Touch Sensing
    7. Apple's original commitment to 60Hz (graphics + touch) is what made me a loyal customer.
    8. The 120Hz is making the experience feel more natural at a subconscious level.
    9. AND when you use old iPhones or Android devices you won't be able to articulate why you don't like them, but you won't like them as much.
    10. FASTER input is what your brain expects . . . because in the real world you don't have LAG.
  7. A12 Bionic (the brains!)
    1. Futuristic is an understatement
    2. 8-core hardware accelerated engine for machine learning is beyond HUGE. It's a massive game changer that again shows Apple is the industry leader.
    3. I remember getting my first 3D hardware accelerated graphics card . . . not only do you get a "graphics card" in your pocket with the 4-core GPU, but now you get hardware accelerated neural networks (AI).
    4. This chip helps curate memories in your photos, and with real-time machine learning your "smart" phone is actually going to get smarter (without having to update software).
  8. Camera (hardware and software)
    1. I'm a bit envious, as I'm still on an iPhone 6 Plus, but I'm very excited to finally upgrade to something better this fall.
    2. I do a ton of food, coffee, and landscape photography . . . So this is amazing . . . Compared to lugging around my Canon 6D DSLR.
  9. Computational photography
    1. Taking the perfect shot is hard with conventional cameras. Apple takes more photos around the time you "press the button" and merges them together to get the best shot using AI.
    2. Apple's new assistant features will make your photos look great with MUCH less effort.
    3. Apple's in the business of capturing memories, and that's the reason that iPhones are the most popular cameras on the planet.
  10. A commitment to recycling and the environment
    1. Apple builds robots that can disassemble 9 different iPhones (way faster than humans)
    2. Apple will recycle your digital products (even non-Apple devices), and Apple will pay you for Apple products in good working condition. (My iPhone 6 Plus is a $100 credit! My original Apple Watch is a $25 credit!)
    3. Apple demonstrates what it means to leverage renewable energies, and they're inspiring other companies to do the same


2018 The Year of the Developer

The ability for developers to create experiences that can leverage the power of the new series of iPhones is INCREDIBLE.

If you want to make an iPhone app, or you want to start coding, there has never been a better time to get started with Swift 4.2+ and Xcode 10.

I LOVE programming with Swift, and now in Xcode 10 Playgrounds just work.

Upcoming Book on iPhone App UI

I am writing a book on iPhone app design (beginning stages), but my goal is to help beginners get started making apps that look amazing (so it fits on the Apple Xs).

Check out my outline, and leave feedback if you have a question or think something is missing.

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Have an awesome day!