Take the Auto Layout Quiz (iOS Auto Layout Interview Questions)

Take the Auto Layout Quiz (iOS Auto Layout Interview Questions)

How much Auto Layout and iPhone UI design do you know?

The only way to improve is to understand what you don't know.

Take the Auto Layout Quiz and see how many points you can get!

A perfect score is 30 . . .

Reply below with your quiz score, or send me an email at Paul@SuperEasyApps.com (I read every email).

Next Steps

Now that you've tested yourself, what keywords or topics do you need to understand more?

  • Make a list of the key areas that you didn't understand
  • Write down keywords to research and explore
  • Schedule time to learn today, or first thing tomorrow

If your stuck on what resources to use, read on to learn about my upcoming Auto Layout course.

Learn Auto Layout Fast

I have a new Auto Layout course that will be launching soon called: Learn Auto Layout Fast.

Get more details when you signup below:

The course will include:

  • An Auto Layout workbook to help you reinforce your knowledge
  • Auto Layout challenges to test your practical skills (i.e.: spot the UI bug)
  • Quick Auto Layout Tips to help you solve problems instantly

If you need to learn how to use Auto Layout for your job, or to finish your app for the App Store, signup above.